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William Kidd
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Faction: Brethren of the Coast
Port: Tortuga
Port Location: Crime Lord's Office and Dovecote
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A legendary pirate, he narrowly escaped execution when the rope that was supposed to hang him broke - or so one version of the story goes, anyway. There are others who claim that the executioner might have had his hand in that accident...

Be that as it may, he was subsequently pardoned by the King and returned to the Carribean. Here is he now busy forging the Brethren of the Coast into a true pirate nation from his headquarters in Tortuga.

Unlocked by the Town Boss' The Last Voyage of Sarah Bradley Kidd, Captain Kidd will give you further missions to find his Son, James Joseph Kidd, out of his mansion in Dovecote.

Pirate Careers

Additional Notes

Use your Signet Ring of the Crime Lord to reveal his special shop of items to purchase.


How did you come to lead the Brethren of the Coast?

All I wanted was to get the Hell out of England and back to my wife in New York, but the weather and my former associates conspired to lead me to the Caribbean. Once I arrived, it seems word got out of my escape... in fact, the news reached the West Indies weeks before I did... and the nature of that escapade became more and more outrageous in the telling until it became a legend -- and that's before I'd even set foot in Tortuga!

What surprised me was the way these pirates all seemed to be looking to me for... guidance, advice, leadership, call it what you will, and for my part I saw an opportunity to save my reputation and perhaps keep the King from slaughtering thousands of free-thinking buccaneers by helping keep their more despicable depredations under control.

As for the name, why, I can't remember who first suggested using the name of old Henry Morgan's gang, but it certainly fit. Well, mostly. Ye may've noticed quite a few of our "Brethren" are ladies.

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What's the difference between a Brethren pirate and a "rogue" pirate?

Brethren pirates swear to follow the aricles -- MY articles, that is -- which helps t'keep the peace amoung our brothers and sisters. Rogues recognize no authority -- no king, of course, but the fools won't even agree to follow my articles, which hurts us all, espcially when the Frogs, Dons and British have so much trouble tellin' us al apart. That's why I'll never complain if you send these rogues t'meet Davy Jones... if the fools would only sign on with us, they'd spare themselves a lot o' grief.

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