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West Indies Station
UK Flag.png
Server: Roberts/Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Casual, social, roleplaying-friendly environment
Timezone: Global
Website: West Indies Station
Forums: West Indies Station Forums
Join: Contact us in game, or stop by the forums
Leaders: Will Collister, John Quilliam


The West Indies Station was formed by Will Collister, of his Majesty's Royal Navy, and his close friend John Quilliam, trader, merchant and shipwright extraordinaire. The society embraces a casual, friendly approach to the game and consequently aims to be open to all players. Basically, this means that no one will be thought less of for not playing regularly, no one will be required to play at a specific time, and no one is required to use any voice comm. We feel that the game grows a lot simply by our approaching it on more easy-going level.

All members are keen role players which gives the society an immersive atmosphere, and so names, images and stories of ships, character backgrounds and in character chat on the forums are all appreciated. As of yet, the West Indies Station is still a relatively small society, but we are open to new members and hope to expand in the future.

The society itself is structured so that it is comprised of two parts. The Company, which deals with Britain's financial interests in the West Indies, and the Navy, which deals more with military affairs.

The Company

Director Quilliam heads up the Company and organises the station's economy and finances. We are engaged in both ship-building and outfitting, and any members will gladly be offered help anywhere along the precarious path into the world of business.

The Navy

Rear-Admiral Collister is Commander-in-Chief of the West Indies Station. He keeps nice ordered logs of PvP engagements, keeps the Naval List in ship-shape (if you excuse the expression), and cruises the Caribbean as often as his affairs on shore permit. The Navy Chronicle is kept up-to-date with the latest news from the Navy and members are encouraged post their own articles in it.


If you are interested in joining the West Indies Station, just send a message to one of the leaders in game, or stop by our forums and say hello. Obviously, we don't want any riff-raff, but as long as you're a friendly sort of a chap you'll definitely fit right in!