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Primary building needed to build any other building, also stores goods.
Lot size: 0 lot(s)
Labor Factor: 1
Effective Labor per Day per lot: Division by zero. Hours
Construction time: hour(s)
Produced by:
Requirements: Port must have Public Docks
Construction Cost: 200 Dubloons icon
Construction Materials:
Upkeep Costs (for one week): 0 Dubloons icon
Effective Cost Per Lot: Division by zero. Dubloons icon
Provides recipes:
Uses recipes:
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May be placed in ports with Public Docks can be found in contestable ports. It provides you with storage for resources and creation of other structures that can gather resources. Only one warehouse per port is allowed. The price of warehouses goes up exponentially for each one you build the first one after your free warehouse will cost 3200 doubloons. Also note that the warehouse does not count as 1 of your 10 lots. If you demolish a warehouse, the price to build another will be reduced in the same way they increase when you want to build more. Items that can be 'Lost' if you lose a sea battle can be stored here.

The formula is

  • (([Number of warehouses you own] + 1)^4) * 200

so the costs will be:

  • 200
  • 3200
  • 16200
  • 51200
  • 125000

Economy Tutorial

Upon completion of the economy tutorial you can build your first warehouse for 200 doubloons.

Starting Warehouse Locations

These are the locations for each nation where you can get your "cheap" 200 doubloons warehouse.





Free Warehouses

You get a free warehouse in your starter City. This is:

At ports with a Regional Auction House you can also get a free warehouse. To 'build' these warehouses one simply talk to the Auctioneer. There will be no message but afterwards you can access your warehouse through the economy window (press G). This does requires you to have a reputation of at least Indifferent (more then -500) with the nation owning the port. After the warehouse has been build one can access the warehouse regardless of reputation.

Free warehouses do not count when determining the pricing of the next (non-free) warehouse.