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A vineyard is a very specialized plantation, producing only wine grapes
Lot size: 1 lot(s)
Labor Factor: 0.5
Effective Labor per Day per lot: 48 Hours
Construction time: 1 hour(s)
Produced by: Recipe: Draft Vineyard Plans
Requirements: You must be conscious
Reputation with the port owner at least: Indifferent
Port must have Fertile Soil (Grapes)
Construction Cost: 1000 Dubloons icon
Construction Materials: Gravel: 5
Ingot, Iron: 1
Leather: 2
Logs, Common Wood: 20
Upkeep Costs (for one week): 400 Dubloons icon
Effective Cost Per Lot: 400 Dubloons icon
Provides recipes: Recipe: Harvest Grapes
Uses recipes: Recipe: Harvest Grapes
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