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Vida de Matón
Spain Flag.png
Praemonitus, Praemunitus
Server: Antigua
Nation: Spain
Orientation: PvE, PvP, Econ
Timezone: Global
Website: http://vidadematon.guildlaunch.com/
Forums: http://vidadematon.guildlaunch.com/forums/
Join: Recruiting Spaniards
Leaders: Don Alphonso, Francisco del Rio

About Us

VdM was started by a group of friends with a history of strategy gaming, MMOs and the occasional shooter looking for a new MMO that would give us a richer experience in terms of economic opportunities. We landed on PotBS late 2013 and picked up a few more members along the way. We feel the economic opportunities and realm vs realm combat give PotBS a truly unique and engaging experience, and hope to be around for some time to come.

Our Society Philosophy

Is to enjoy ourselves. We're a casual bunch who basically believe gaming is more fun with others than alone. We'll ask guild participation in some events from time to time, basically as far as PotBS goes we're a relaxed group and won't mind if some times you just want to do your own thing.

What We Do

The econ model brought us here, so that's where we started. We've established an economic presence and are dedicated to making money. We also have begun to participate in port battles when we can because we feel it is our duty to help defend and expand the Empire of Spain(and defend our own economic interests in the process). We are not so much interested in open sea or solo PvP, but may participate on a group level or in skirmishes. We offer some leveling help, and daily salary for members.


Things are always more fun in a group, so we are accepting new members. Our objective is to stay small - we are not interested in becoming a super society with all manner of rules and regs and egos, but right now we have room to expand. This is a casual venture dedicated to having fun, if you feel you may fit in with us, head over to our society web site and fill out an application.