By capturing ports through port battles, nations accrue victory points. The map is checked weekly (currently Saturday evening US time)and if a nation has accumulated 300 points, a winner is determined and a 48 hour cease fire put in place and no more unrest can be gained. PvP zones in place at the time the cease fire is declared remain. After the cease fire, the players of the winning nation are given special rewards and the map is reset with all ports returning to their owner and all unrest eliminated.

Victory Points[edit | edit source]

A Nation's current victory points are determined as follows:

  • For all nations: 10 points for each port they currently control
  • For non-Pirate nations: 3 points each time they capture a port for the first time
  • For Pirates: 5 points each time they capture a port

So at the start of a new Map, each nation will have over a hundred (or more) victory points just from their starting ports.

Acquiring Points[edit | edit source]

When Great Britain, France, or Spain capture a port for the first time, they get 3 points which remain even if the city is lost later. Pirates get 5 points every time they capture a port, even if it's been captured by them in the past.

Remember that when pirates capture a port, or when a pirate port is captured, the port will revert to the original owner 72 hours (3 days) later. No points are earned when a port reverts because pirates conquered or defended it.

Map Victory[edit | edit source]

To win a nation has to have 300 or more points when a server Winner Check is done, currently Saturday evening US time for Antigua server. If a nation has 300 points at that moment it is declared the winner and the server will return all ports to their original owner in 24 hours.

All characters that are over level 20 receive Citations of Conquest (CoC). Everybody in a Nation gets one CoC, plus one for every hundred points that specific Nation has during the Victory check.

For example, Britain has 315, France 186, Spain 93 and Pirates 220, then the British players get 4, French 2, Spanish 1 and Pirates get 3.

Also the Underdog Tools go into effect.

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