PotBS Wiki

Oops, nevermind. I thought this was Players Wiki. Sorry!

Welcome aboard Johnny....it is a players wiki. I am an admin here and an avid player of the game. This wiki is a great resource for learning the game. I would also recommend you ask in Nation chat for a society that is interested in helping new players learn the game. You can find me through my Society, British Mercantile and Mercenary (BMM).
--McCullogh 16:16, September 21, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, 0ok then! Thank you! And also, I am having SERIOUS trouble downloading. At 7:30 P.M., EST September 19, I started downloading. At 8:00 P.M. EST September 20, it got to 7.0 GB downloaded. It is now 4:30 P.M., EST September 21, and it is not off 7.0 GB.

I am not sure why it wont download, I would suggest you visit the Forums on the official website. I believe there are some threads that address that very issue. And if not the are many super computer savvy people who can help you out.
--McCullogh 20:36, September 21, 2011 (UTC)