PotBS Wiki

To get a useful structure out of the Port Wiki pages, several changes are needed.

NPCs need information about where to find them, what nation they are and what faction they are affiliated with.

Missions need information about rewards, who's giving them out, type, and who can take them.

That provided, ports can then query for information:

The port wikipage queries NPCs located in the port. Each of those NPCs is handed to a mission-template. The mission-template queries missions provided by this NPCs and hands those to a mission-listing-template.

Port --queries NPCs-+-> NPC #1 --queries Missions-+-> Mission A
                    +-> NPC #2                    +-> Mission B
                    +-> NPC #3                    +-> Mission C
                    .                             .

So we'll get a list of NPCs which have a list of "their" missions to display on a port page.

NPC #1
Mission Level Reward
Mission A 1 Stuff
Mission B 5 Stuff
NPC #2
Mission Level Reward
... ... ...

So, what do we need?

  • A NPC template that's easy to handle and assigns needed properties (Template:Infobox NPCs should be modified for that)
  • A Mission template that does the same for missions (already in testing: Template:Missioninfo)
  • A Template that accepts an NPC name and creates a list of mission for that NPC. This would be at least two templates, as it involves a sub query.

I envision the result looking somewhat like this:

Nation Level Mission Name Mission Giver Reward Prerequisite
Pirate Mission 1 Meet the Magistrate Ebenezer Dignum 20 Experience
Pirate Mission 3 To Protect and To Serve Pauel Ithier 440 Doubloon(s)
110 Experience
Pirate Mission The Plague of Piracy

See, that's much better than the mission lists on the port pages right now. It provides more information, looks nice and templates like this could also be used on the NPC pages as well.