It is best to post works in-progress on the Flags and Sails official Forum to gain feedback, before posting it on the User Content Review.

UC Flags FAQ Edit

What is the format for flags Edit

Finished flags need to be 24bit PNG-Files, 128 pixels x 85 pixels. Alpha layers (transparency) is allowed for holes and tattering. Maximum file size is believed to be 49k.

Colors and Saturation Edit

You should not use highly saturated (pure) colors. Here are some recommended RGB values:

  • Red around RGB 150/45/35
  • Orange around RGB 240/160/40
  • Gold around RGB 220/180/50
  • Green around RGB 45/115/35
  • Blue around RGB 40/50/90
  • Purple around RGB 70/20/80
  • Black around RGB 50/40/30
  • White around RGB 235/230/220

Tattering/Transparency Edit

Flag images will be fixed to the flag pole at the left side of the image. If you use tattering or holes in your flags, put them on the right side. No part of the flag may "float" in thin air.

Misc Edit

As with sails, do not use modern images, copyrighted images, or modern techniques like gradient, 3D effects etc.