I'm currently an Administrator both here and on the Official Guild Wars Wiki, and am a proud member of Xen of Onslaught.

I'm going to be mainly working on trying to build up the framework (policies, templates, guidelines, extensions, all the back-end stuff) to make sure that this wiki keeps going strong after we bring it live.

I also run several different kinds of Wikibots on the Guild Wars Wiki, so I'm probably the guy to talk to about a series of highly-repetitive changes (since I can just set up a bot run and walk away ^_^).

If you need to reach me in-game for some reason, I play in the Spanish nation on the character name Lohn Schuld (freetrader) and the English nation as Zuerst Schuld (also freetrader). Also, feel free to e-mail me if there's something you need a quick response on, though I'm not currently a big fan of looking at that e-mail account due to the sheer number of account requests that I've been getting T_T.

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