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This user account is used for the bot operated by the PotBS Wiki Staff. It does not represent an actual person.

About the Bot[]


The bot is written in PHP and uses a customized SxWiki to connect to the API of this wiki (with the exception of the image upload function which goes through the html interface). Currently the code is maintained by miniPax, but originally created and coded by User:Lord Alderaan.


By default this bot is limited to a maximum of 5 edits or uploads per minute and reports the actual user operating the bot in the summary of every edit.


This bot is flagged and its edits cannot be seen in the Recent Changes without enabling Show Bots.


All functions of the bot are listed below and are implemented only with reasonable consensus either here or on the IRC channel. For new functions start a section on the Discussion page of this user.

Current Routines[]

These are actions that are executed on a regular interval or when deemed necessary:

Suggested Routines[]

Suggestions for new routines.

  • Generation of list of ships by other criteria like capacity, speed, amt. guns. awaiting criteria suggestions

Single Runs[]

These actions are executed only once and for example adding/editing/creating info to all pages of a certain type, category or template based on a list of information to update.

  • Adding coords fields to the template of all Cities based on a list. Done
  • Adding Wind Diagram fields to the templates of all Ships of which the exact wind speeds are known Done
  • Changing "weigth" to "weight" in some (most?) of the Ship Outfitting recipes. Someone, very early on, made a typo on the template when entering an item, and the error has since multiplied due to copy & paste (and ppl not pre-viewing properly). Random example: Huge Speed Gun Rig 2. Done 18:33, 1 February 2008 (CET)
  • Add a list of (other) Variants to each Ship Article where variants exists. Done 18:08, 2 April 2008 (UTC)
  • Update Mission pages with SMW properties needed for SMW query to list missions per city in their respective articles. Discussion
  • Uploading images supplied by FLS themselves for upload and inclusion into articles. work in progress