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The Wiki[]

I adopted the PotBS Wiki in the spring of 2010 as all the previous Admins had not logged on in over a year. I focused purely on content updating, as I am not a great hand with computer programming and had absolutely zero experience with Wikis. My current role is more of a watchdog, keeping an eye out for malicious edits and editing posts to keep the wiki an objective tool usable by all.

IceCreamKitten came on board in December of 2010 and spent countless hours redesigning almost every aspect of the underlying code on the Wiki and really gave us an amazing look with great functionality. The rapid fire changes implemented in late 2012 by FLS forced IcK to re-evaluate his priorities and spend his valuable time on other pursuits. But we owe to him a great debt and hope that some day he will rejoin us here.

ClericTaven was one of the original editors here in 2008, his contributions numbered in the hundreds. He re-joined the Wiki as an Admin in 2012 and rounds out the current team.

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