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He lives in Maastricht, The Netherlands. And works as a ICT developer.


An experienced MMO player who was accepted to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Closed Beta on the 9th of November 2007. He has been playing MMOs for many years spending considerable time on Jumpgate, Shattered Galaxy, Earth & Beyond, Final Fantasy XI and EVE Online and dipping into a variety of other titles[1].


He is SysOp here and on the Jumpgate: Evolution wiki. He is also does some editing work on Demigod wiki and Wikipedia.

Closed Beta[]

His main character on the Closed Beta Blackbeard server was Dektor Alderaan a French Privateer and a member of the Verenigde Caribische Compagnie a Dutch society playing under the French flag.

Open Beta[]

On the Open Beta Blackbeard server he played Privateer Andries de Graeff under the same nation and Society.


Played with the VCC on Rackham again under the French flag. In September the VCC decided to move to Antigua.

He had the following characters:

Dekor de Graeff

French Privateer member of VCC on Antigua Main character

Anneke de Graeff

French Freetrader member of VCC on Antigua Focussed on Economy (Ship Provisioning)


He retired from PotBS in November 2008. He'll keep an eye on this wiki from time to time and you can still contact him with any requests or questions on his talk page.

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