Welcome to my PotBS-Wiki page. My PotBS forum name is Istvan56 which is also a name I've been going by for many years. I was in game forums such as Planetside, Battlefield 2, TES III: Morrowind and TES: IV Oblivion under that name (sometimes lacking the "56"). I am a mature gamer, an old F.A.R.T. ("Fathers Against Rebellious Teens), and in RL a federal cop. This does not mean that I am a heavy hitting PvP'er. On the contrary, I consider myself a Carebear and shipwright. My wife, on the other hand, is a mild mannered mom who on line goes by the forum name "Momkiksbutt" and has been into such PvP games as Planetside, Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and now PotBS. She's my counterweight and together we bring a balanced gameplan to PotBS. (That is, I build ships, she gets them sunk.) We both belong to the Seattle PotBS Meet-up Group and have visited FLS offices a few times bringing them goodies that my wife bakes. (Bribery gets you beta keys ;)

Closed BetaEdit

After first learning about Flying Lab Software's PotbS in May, 2005 I applied for Closed Beta getting invited on February 1, 2007. My wife joined me in Closed Beta and together we've been playing ever since. I played on the French side in CB while my wife was on the Spanish side. I was invited into SMZS while in beta. My wife left the Spanish and joined me in the French nation and in SMZS. We were both in Open Beta, pre-launch and launch.

Society MembershipsEdit


I believe in trying out all the careers

Closed/Open BetaEdit

  • Stephane Morell, Freetrader, French Nation
  • Diego El Mulato, Pirate, Pirate Nation

French Nation Server:RackhamEdit

  • Armand Morell, Freetrader, SMZS
  • Stephane Morell, Privateer, SMZS
  • Cesar Comte d'Isle, Naval Officer, SMZS
  • Regatta Official, Privateer, OYC event organizer
  • Francois Thurot, Freetrader, OYC racing alt

Pirate Nation Server:BlackbeardEdit

  • Diego El Mulato, Cutthroat, SSS
  • Padre , Bucaneer, SSS

PotbS-Wiki GoalsEdit

  • Provide new and veteran players a good reference source on PotBS
  • Assist in keeping up ship pages
  • Expand Port pages to include accurate historical information
  • Add interesting background stories on Ports that did not exist in 1720
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