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Flynn DeJesus was a Spanish privateer turned pirate and a soon a member of the Knights Templar, quitting piracy.

Born to farmers, Flynn has wanted to become wealthy. He became a privateer for the Spanish Navy early in his life and found himself sailing in the Caribbean. However, an end to the War of the Spanish Succession and the promise of gold, eventually seduced him into a life of piracy. It was during this quest that Flynn first encountered the Knights Templar Order on Tortuga. Hearing of the Templar's nobility following Christianity, he joins them later on.

Flynn was born in El Palmar, Spain to Emelio and Leonora DeJesus; at the age of ten, his family moved to a farm in Isla Cristina. However, Flynn did not agree with a pastoral life and he became a well-known troublemaker in his teen years.

Despite Flynn bringing dishonor upon his family, his father disowned him, seeing him to have brought nothing but trouble on the family. Upset, Flynn sought a life of fame and fortune, becoming a privateer. Flynn found himself aboard The Santa Ana, a Halifax Schooner.

Sailing under The Santa Ana, Flynn was often harassed by his more experienced peers. The Santa Ana's captain, Cortez Rengifo soon found out that the War of the Spanish Succession was soon ending, meaning that privateers would be put out of business. Cortez announced his plans to turn to piracy under the Brethren of the Coast to his crew, and offered those who decided not to partake in piracy a safe passage home. Before Flynn, not wanting to become a pirate, the Santa Ana was stopped by a British ship, captained by Declan Watts. Flynn then saw the sailors who wanted to leave the crew were thrown overboard, forcing him to join Declan's crew.

Months later, Declan and his crew attacked a passing Bilge Rat flotilla which proved to be too much for the crew to handle. Declan orders Flynn to take control of the ship. While the pirates emerged victorious thanks to a storm, the ship was in no good condition to fight any longer, forcing the captain to sail to Marsh Harbor. (Initial start for the Cutthroat or Buccaneer class in POTBS.)

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