PotBS Wiki

Real Life[]

Elmseeker is a dealer/poker player living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally from Sturbridge, Massachusettes he fell in love with video games at a very young age and with MMOs more specifically with the introduction of Ultima online. Always a fan of pirates and the early days of sail he was quite exceited when PotBS was announced and even more so when he was accepted into the Beta. Now that the game is out he does what he can to help here on the wiki as well as helping to maintain his society web site.

In Game[]

Elmseeker Silver is a Freetrader from Great Britain living on his ship "The Revenge" which is based out of Bartica, Guyana. He helps supply goods for shipbuilding and the creation of provisions and ammunition to Gosport Naval Yard which was formed by Rapture Lohan as a means of building better, cheaper ships for the people of Blackbeard. If there is anything more you'd like to know feel free to contact him and ask!