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Wiki Contributions[]

About me[]


I'm a 40-year-old married programmer from northern Germany.


I currently play on the Roberts Server with the Nation of Spain and the Society La Armada Española.

My Chars:

Other Chars:

On Antigua Server:

I also have a second account for enhanced Econ and some chars for wiki research in the pirate nation.

Wiki To-Do[]


  • Write Documentation for Template
  • Requirements can be Nation specific. See Unfortified. Template needs to cover that.
  • Rewards can be Nation specific. Template should cover that!?
  • Add parameter for Daily mission
  • Add parameter for Solo/RP mission
  • Involves-Property for other NPCs, not mission giver. Create a special property for that.
  • ask-queries give all locations/mission giver. how to handle that?


  • Update Ship pages
  • Change in Ship Categories: split Pirates in Cutthroats and Buccaneers
  • Screens for Ports
  • Screens for Ships