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Hello, my name is Pierre Le Porc. I am a LVL 50 British Privateer that plays on the Antigua server. I have two alternate lvl 50 players on the British side, Montpelier Le Porc (LVL 50 Naval Officer), and Itz Ezra (LVL 50 Privateer.) I am a member of the Deer Ridge Militia, Revention, and VNV Trading Company. I am a PVP Vet on Pierre in Revention, Captain on Montpelier in DRM, and Chairman of VNV Trading Company on my lvl 30 FT, Claude Le Porc. Before this game, I was an avid player of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO). I had two LVL 50s, a LVL 40, and a LVL 34 on there.

My Known Players[]

Pierre Le Porc LVL 50- British Privateer Montpelier Le Porc LVL 50- British Naval Officer Claude Le Porc LVL 30- British Freetrader Gladwyn Le Porc LVL 30-British Freetrader Itz Ezra LVL 50- British Privateer

Pierre's Ships[]

'Santa Rosa' Privateer Fourth Rate

'Arcadia' Mastercraft Xebec

'Defiant' Stripped Frigate

'Expedition' Privateer Packet-Boat

'Tigre' Mastercraft Frigate

Montpelier's Ships[]

'Wenden' Third Rate

'Reason' Naval Fourth Rate

'Macedon' Hunter's Fourth Rate

'Mordaunt' Sleek Fourth Rate

'Hornet' Gunboat.. FTW

Ezra's Ships[]

'Hercules' Mastercraft Frigate

'Arrow' Privateer Frigate