Underdog Tools are a set of game mechanics that give advantages or penalties based on who won the previous round.[1]

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

There are 4 modifiers:

  • Loot: Chance of a second loot roll.
  • Exp: Increase to experience gained whenever you gain experience.
  • Offensive Unrest: Bonus to how much unrest you generate when you generate unrest against an enemy port.
  • Defensive Unrest: Bonus or penalty to how much unrest is generated when an enemy generates unrest against your ports.

Applied[edit | edit source]

Place in last Map Loot Experience Offensive Unrest Defensive Unrest
1st none none none +20%
2nd none none none none
3rd none none +15% -15%
4th +20% +20% +35% -35%

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