Your first taste of what these Maps are all about, will be introduced during your Newbie wanderings, if you have discovered one while completing the Folly of Man mission. A map can be found by searching the Tactician's Footlocker, while you are still down in the Jail where he has been held.

Once you have reached level 25, contact Theofilus Yost, in The Knarr tavern in Carlos Harbour .
He is a former Treasure Hunter, whom has been stumped and subsequently given-up searching for even more Treasure. He will gift you, a golden opportunity, to finish those maps he could not finish, since he is now retired and loathing about on the ones he discovered.

The active Map and Red Mark on the Open seas is available for ~10 minutes.
Brendonoid's - A Handy Helper

Red X Mark

Open Sea's Map mark

Theofilus' Treasure MapsEdit

While on your way to The Knarr tavern, you may notice, standing on a porch, is Samuel Bunn!, whom has lost his boot and needs your help to recover it.

Depending upon your Reputation, the chase will be on to search for even more Gold once you are near level 45 by beginning with the Howling Howl Davis Mission chain.

In Tortuga contact Manfred Roque, if you are favorable with Knights Templar Reputation.

In San Juan contact Isabel Fandino, if you are favorable with The Inquisition Reputation.

In Roseau contact April Hather, if you are favorable with British Royal Society.

In Port Royal contact Jeanette Denot, if you are favorable with Académie Nationale.

Available in Oranjestad
The primary contact there will be Zoe Wansink, whom can be found in the Tavern.

Available in Nassau
The primary contact there will be Simon Jones waiting on "Your Ship". You make an initial introduction with him in Santiago asking you to start Canvassing Nassau for further clues.

You may also purchase additional Map Cases from the Treasure Aisle store for only 20 Burning Sea points. The will be put into your Inventory's Special tab.

Map Case Missions Edit

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