Introduced with the 2.15 Economic Expansion, is a new Category for "packaged" Trade Goods.

Build Release Notes

Trade Goods are items that can only be sold to NPCs and are not used in recipes. Our intention with these items is to provide an avenue of potential profit for players looking to get into economic production, even if they’re not yet ready to step up to producing goods for other players.

Head over to one of the National Regional Ports or Capital Cities to sell these items in their Auction House through available Buy Order listings.

The full set of trade goods:

  • Hewn logs of: Oak, Fir, Pine, Roble, Cedar, Mahogany, White Oak, Longleaf Pine
  • Barrels of: Tar, Dried Fish, Game Meat, Beef Fat, Pork Fat, Bread, Flour, Fire Cured Tobacco
  • Crates of: Leather, Skins, Fur
  • Kegs of: Saltpeter, Gunpowder, Molasses
  • Sacks of: Cochineal, Coffee, Cacao, Beans
  • Hogsheads of: Sugar, Tobacco
  • Casks of Common Cheese, Boxes of Fine Cheese
  • Bales of Cotton