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Sharktooth ketch

The Sharktooth Raiders are a minor Pirate Gang who are local to the eastern Bahamas region. They are often encountered by younger Pirate captains.


The reputation earned by defeating a Sharktooth Raider is divided up among the following factions:

Trophy & Bounty[]

When encountered in groups of two or three on the open seas, there is a chance of encountering a Mako trophy ship which will drop a Trophy: Shark Maw Figurehead. This trophy may be turned in to the Men of War Pirate Hunter in Cat Island, which will reward you with 100 reputation for the Men of War.

The mission Sharktooth Raiders Bounty may be obtained from the Pirate Hunter in Cat Island.


This gang holds the belief that the Sharks are the ultimate creatures of the seas and nearly all of the sailors must submit to them. When it come down to recruiting to either increase the numbers or replace dead members as mentioned by prisoners in a quest line on Cat Island, the prisoners are starved to near death which at that point they are forced to drink shark blood for a while until they are change completely, devoted nearly all of any sense of one's self.