The Knights of St. George are a secretive military order that orginated with the First Crusade, and were founded by the leader of the "German Crusade," Emicho of Flonheim.

Influenced by Peter the Hermit, Emicho had a vision in which Christ appeared to him and promised he would be crowned emperor if he would join the Crusade. He did, and gathered himself an army which followed the Rhine, forcing conversions and massacring those that resisted.

Emicho never reached the Holy Land, but he did start an order of Templars from the ranks of his army. They made it their mandate to protect the sovereignty of the Holy Roman Empire. Also, Emicho began to study the "Egyptian mysteries," believing that they superseded the "superstitions" that had accreted to the one true faith in God.

They existed for hundreds of years in relative obscurity until dwindling out completely. It was only some ten years ago that they were revived again by members of the Hanoverian family. They were so unpopular, however, that they were forced to follow George I to England, as his so called "protectors." Once there, they renewed their vows to protect the reign of the German Emperor.

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