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Mission Mission Avcom.png Swashbuckling Mission
This mission involves Swashbuckling or simple interaction with NPCs.
The King of Sloth
Nation: Britain-Crest.png France-Crest.png Spain-Crest.png Pirate-Crest.png
Career: All
Location: Iguana
Level: This is a level 34 mission, and becomes available at character level 29. 34 This is a level 34 mission, and becomes available at character level 29.
NPC: Sara Langewech
Rewards: Dubloons icon.png 3125 Doubloons
1520 Experience
Figurehead: Sloth

Finding God in the Bottom of a Bottle

Information based on version Current game version is update

The company employee suspects that a certain village at which the support squadron stopped for supplies might be responsible for their strange behaviour. Especially so because it also happens to be Father Vera's home village. You should go there to check if there's a connection between those incidents.

Mission Notes

Naumanndorf, Father Vera's nearby Village.
A swashbuckling mission on an instanced town map against level 34 opponents. You will start at the docks, while your main objective (a level 34 Boss) will be at the very back of the map. Once there, talk to him then fight him until he surrenders and talk to him again.
Be careful when moving away from the docks: there are groups of enemies in the houses to both sides of the pier, and it's very easy to aggro all of them at once and get overwhelmed.

Mission Objectives

  • Defeat Franz Gruber

Mission Chain (Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth)
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