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Mission Mission Sea.png Sea Mission
This mission involves instanced ship combat (including blockade running, or rescue and recovery operations).
The Governor's Surprise
Career: Buccaneer
Level: This mission becomes available at character level 15. 15 This mission becomes available at character level 15.
NPC: Buccaneer Trainer
Rewards: Dubloons icon.png 680 Doubloons
255 Experience
Brethren of the Coast: Gain 200 points
Smugglers Union: Gain 250 points
Pillager (title)
Vane's Codpiece
Democratic Model
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Mission Objectives

  • Meet Hope at the Longboat
  • Click on the Longboat
  • Destroy the Duchess's Sails
  • Click on the Duchess to send Hope and Her Crew Aboard.
  • Protect the Duchess While She Escapes

Mission Notes

Your local career trainer sends you to go talk to Robert Deal in Morgan's Bluff. He, in turn, sends you to Nassau to to talk to Hope van Hensbeek. You must start the mission from the open sea, as it takes you to an instanced version of Nassau, with all the NPCs standing around listening to some speech. Talk to Hope and meet her at the longboat to start the mission in earnest.

There are three ships that will attack you. A level 12 ship and a level 14 start very far away. A level 15 starts much nearer, and is the one that you must capture. Use sail-damaging shot to bring the ships sails down to near zero, and then you can click on it to have Hope and her crew capture the ship. You must then protect the ship until she can escape.

The other two enemy ships will approach shortly and attack. Draw their fire to get them attacking you rather than Hope's ship, which will still have its sails mostly down. This lets Hope get far enough away to get out of combat, and then repair and head to the exit piont.

Return to Robert Deal in Morgan's Bluff to complete the mission.