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Bloody Arms Huntleader

The most vile, heartless, and bloodthirsty rogues sailing near the eastern coast of Florida. Once they had no name as such, but when they hit upon the idea of decorating their ships with the severed limbs of their victims -- all the better to strike fear into the hearts of their prey -- the survivors of these attacks gave them the name "Bloody Arms." Why, some of those survivors even claimed the rogues ate the flesh of their victims!

Their only creed is murder, their only motivation greed and bloodlust. It is not recommended that you take any Bloody Arms prisoners. It's just better to put those fiends down like the wretched dogs they are.

Gang Notes[]

The Bloody Arms are a minor Pirate Gang who are local to the Bahamas and Florida regions. They are often encountered by newly recruited French and Pirate captains.


The reputation earned by defeating a Bloody Arms is divided up among the following factions:

Trophy & Bounty[]

When encountered in groups of two or three on the open seas, there is a chance of encountering a Huntleader who will drop a Trophy: ?Named? This trophy may be turned in to the Men of War Pirate Hunter in Harbour Island for Pirates or to the Salon d'Aventure Pirate Hunter in St. Augustine for the French.

The mission Bloody Arms Bounty may be obtained from the same NPC.