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This is a helper template for displaying ship data usually not visible on the ship data sheet in the game. These are the polars (speed per direction relative to the wind), the upwind & luffing angle (angle of the red upwind part of the wind circle) and Open Sea speed.


It's not meant to be used directly (it's integrated into the Infobox Ships visible), but the following can be used to display the information:

| speed = 
| upwind = 
| luffing = 
| closehaul = 
| beamreach = 
| broadreach = 
| running = 
| angle = 
| osspeed = 

Polars (upwind, luffing, etc.) are given as a floating value. For example, if the ship is sailing beam reach at 80% speed, use 0.8

How it works

The template uses different images for each polar, thus overlaying 5 partially transparent images to create a wind circle.

Note: IE6 or similar old browsers are unable to display this correctly.