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This template has been replaced by Template:Recipes. Please use that one instead.

This template is used to create a recipe infobox.
Type {{Infobox Recipes|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Use the <br /> tag to put each input on a separate line.
Express labor values less than one hour as a decimal with a leading zero. For example: 0.25
Express quantity of output or input with value in parentheses after commodity.
Parameter Description
recipe Name of the recipe
image Icon of the recipe
type Type of the produced commodity:
  • Ammunition
    • Recipes used to create cannon ammunition
  • Consumable
    • Recipe for consumable items
  • Manufactured
    • Recipes for commodities labelled in game as manufactured good
  • Raw Material
    • Recipes for commodities labelled in game as raw material
  • Outfitting (General)
    • Recipes for General ship outfitting
  • Outfitting (Small)
    • Recipes for Small ship outfitting
  • Outfitting (Medium)
    • Recipes for Medium ship outfitting
  • Outfitting (Large)
    • Recipes for Large ship outfitting
  • Outfitting (Huge)
    • Recipes for Huge ship outfitting
  • Outfitting (Colossal)
    • Recipes for Colossal ship outfitting
  • Ship
    • Ship recipes (include refit, rebuild,...)
  • Shipwright
    • Recipes for commodities labelled in game as shipwright material
  • Structure
    • Both structure deed as draft recipes
labor The amount of labor required
requirement Requirements
cost The cost of running the recipe one time
require Resources required
produce What's produced
structure Which structures uses this recipe
learned_from Where the recipe is learned from
Sample output
{{Infobox Recipes
| recipe       = Huge Runner's Rig
| image        = Huge Runner's Rig.gif
| type         = Outfitting (Huge)
| labor        = 0.5
| requirement  = You must be conscious
| cost         = 600
| require      = [[Blocks, Lignum Vitae]]: 4<br />[[Ingot, Gold]]: 1<br />[[Ingot, Silver]]: 1<br />[[Rigging]]: 10<br />[[Sailcloth]]: 8
| produce      = [[Huge Runner's Rig]]: 1
| structure    = [[Advanced Textile Mill]]<br />[[Assembly Yard]]<br />[[Textile Mill]]
| learned_from = [[The Cryptonauticon, Vol IX]]
| version      =

''Info Text Here''

Results in...

Huge Runner's Rig.gif
Huge Runner's Rig
Type: Outfitting (Huge)
Labor required: 0.5 hour(s)
Requirements: You must be conscious
Cost: 600 Doubloon(s)
Required items: Blocks, Lignum Vitae: 4
Ingot, Gold: 1
Ingot, Silver: 1
Rigging: 10
Sailcloth: 8
Produces items: Huge Runner's Rig: 1
Used by structure: Advanced Textile Mill
Assembly Yard
Textile Mill
Learned from: The Cryptonauticon, Vol IX
Information based on version Current game version is