PotBS Wiki

This template can be used to add uploaded screenshots to an article. It will resize and arrange them into neat rows.


Copy-paste the contents of the white box into your article, fill in the screenshot names, and save the page.

|row 1 = 
|row 2 = 
  • row 1: each row can have 3 pictures. Images are separated by a semicolon (;). For example:
    Image1.jpg; Image2.png; Image3.jpg
  • row 2-8: additional rows can be added by copy-pasting "|row 2-8". If a page somehow manages to gather more than 24 screenshots, we can expand the template to include more rows (though it will probably mean that we should decide what screenshots are the best and remove the rest...)


|row 1 = 097.png; 096.png
|row 2 = 096.png; 097.png; 096.png