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The British one for privateers in in Port royal in the St. John's building, im not so sure its in the town of St. John For navy its in the naval headquarters in Port royal.

The NPC 'off duty lieutenant' is the npc for the privateers, naval officers have to see a plain ol 'Lieutenant'

no to sure how you want this info shown so leaving it as acomment instaid of editing it myself

(same for all the commendation missions listed by pegleg)

St. John or St. George?[]

Ok thanks for the clarification on port, I'd taken that info from another article.

I did take a quick look at Port Royal today, and did not spot a St. John's building. I did see a St. George though.

Is St. George the British privateer building?

er,, opps?[]

must be then, the other artical was mine, sorry for the error ~Eva

I'd have looked in there myself, but arrived as a FT and the door was locked :\ all my toons are Spaniards. - Peggleg