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Take Command of Ship (skill).jpg
Take Command of Ship
Career Cutthroat
Skill Tree Career
Target Derelict
Range 100 yards
Duration n.a.
Morale Cost n.a.
Reset Timer 2 Hours
Cooldown category Capture
Level 5
Skills none
(this info is based on version

Take command of the target ship and send your current ship back to harbor.
This skill may be used every 2 hours.


You will take command of the derelict in question immediately and continue the current Sea Battle with it. The ship will be in the condition it was when boarded or abandoned and will have 1 durability point. You can add to the durability with other identical (Captured) deeds, [review Careening Camp.

Note: You must have at least one open/vacant dock space or the skill will remain inert.

This skill is available for Cutthroat Pirates only. Buccaneers, even though they are pirates, cannot capture ships directly. They can however sail captured ships, they will just need to obtain the deeds somewhere else, i.e. from the auction house or by scavenging the deeds themselves, (they have an improved chance to do this compared to Cutthroat's claim skill).

When taking command of a class specific ship, the Cutthroat will be tagged as pvp enabled. Taking command of a ship class that is invalid for Cutthroats will keep you flagged for pvp for as long as you continue to sail it irrespective of whether you enabled pvp or not. You may still sail the ship but at your own risk.