Stewart Gallagher
Stewart Gallagher
Make yourself at home.
Vital statistics
Title Bartender
Faction Brethren of the Coast
Affiliation Pirates
Region Antilles
Port Tortuga
Port Location Outdoor Tavern in Old Town

Aligned with the Piratical Freedom Fighters.

What can you teach me about fighting, Stewart?

Har! Not much, Captain, not much at all. I know fellows what know their footwork, t'be sure, and I make certain to stay on their good sides -- I can direct you to them, so I can. But personally, I work better closer in, which is to say I've always preferred the cutting of throats to the crossing of blades.

When such work is necessary, that is. It's not as if I just wander the streets of Tortuga lookin' for throats to cut. That'd be monstrous!

Associated MissionsEdit

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