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A job VERY well done Andre. You do Les Chevaliers des Mers honour with your work and efforts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome from Les Chevaliers des Mers!

We are a society of the most serious of gamers who's intention it is to have fun. Through Chevaliers, meet new friends from around the world while staying in your own back yard! Join us on the virtual seas, hear the wind whistling through your rigging and them feel the bass thunder as you fire a broadside into the enemy. Don't let the battle end there! The pirates have landed and threaten the townsfolk! Go in after them! With Pirates of the Burning Seas, you fight at sea AND on the land. Draw sabre and run the enemy through! You are the hero of the hour, you are the nemisis that the enemy will fear! AND most importantly, you get to have fun doing it!

Respectfully posted,

Kevin M. Shook Member of the Grande Order of Founding Knights Privaledged to be the leader of Les Chevaliers des Mers