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Young Captains of the Caribbean
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"Fun for all the aspirin' young Cap'ns o' the Caribbean!"
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: Everything
Timezone: EST
Website: not yet!
Forums: same!
Join: Presently Recruiting Members!
Leaders: Rory Laguna, Zak Ramirez

Ahoy thar! Me harties!

Young Captains of The Caribbean = Our fun filled society for Kids only (15 and under)! Our society is built by kids for kids, where the kids o' the Burnin' Sea can come together and join forces in freedom! We honor each other and often help with what others need, i.e. lvling and econ! We accommodate to fit any kind of play style you like, whether it be pvp or roll-playing. New members welcome now. Join us for fun in the sun and seas! Our PotBS forum page = http://www.burningsea.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56946

Are you 15-years-old or under and looking for a fun-filled society, crewed with kids your age? Well look no further! Young Captains of the Caribbean is just what you need!

My pirate name be Ramirez and I founded a Society with a good ship-mate of mine - we're both in our early teens - and we were both having trouble finding a good society... that didn't just re-roll within the first week :p

So if you're 15 years old or younger then we'd be happy to have ya on board the crew!

We're a place where the different kids of PotBS can come together and hang out! We're laid back, having fun playing this game is what we're into, and we're all in it together, helping other members with whatever they need, i.e. lvling and-or econ!

So if you would like to join, or have any questions please, either contact me on the PotBS forums at the name zaknesbitt or my co-founder at rory the aristocrat or just send either of us a message in game, and we'd be happy to answer them and/or invite you aboard our, ever-growing crew!

Professions: cutthroats, buccaneers, swashbucklers, free-booters, gentlemen (and ladies) of fortune, grrrl captains, sea-worthy maidens, wenches, damsels, scallywags, plunderers, marauders, thieves, brigands, raiders, scurvy dogs, bretheren of the coast... the list goes on

Server: Blackbeard

Recruitment Status: Actively Recruiting as of June 09!

Qualities we seek in recruits: You must be Fifteen years old or UNDER to join, you must be willing to help other members out if you can, you must be able to work together with other kids/young teens and not cut each other down, and the most important thing is you must always play fair (with other members, not your enemies... we are pirates after all) and you must be willing to have fun!