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West Union Trading Company
UK Flag.png
Server: Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Roleplay
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Website: http://wutc.guildlaunch.com/
Forums: None
Join: Meet us in Turtling Bay
Leaders: Archibald Bane
John Breasly

The West Union Trading Company is a British Society on the Antigua server and is headed by Archibald Bane.

Company Headquarters: Turtling Bay, Yucatan

Company Branches:

Military Branch:

This branch takes care of all warfare, convoy escort, and mercenary duties for the company.

Branch Head: Admiral of the Navy John Breasly

Branch 2nd: Vice-Admiral Tobias Saint

Economic Branch:

This branch is in charge of all good manufacturing, shipbuilding, and trade.

Branch Head: Admiral of Trade Matthew Boots

Company Ranks:

Special Ranks:

Lord of the Company: Archibald Bane

Admiral of the Navy: John Breasly

Admiral of Trade: Matthew Boots

Vice-Admiral: Tobias Saint

Military Ranks:







High Commodore


Economic Ranks:



Merchant Second Class

Merchant First Class



Baron of Trade

Director of Trade


The west Union Trading Company is a company started by Archibald Bane, distant cousin of Lord Caddius Bane. It was originally based out of the Rosignol tavern, where meetings and dealings would often take place. Shortly after it's creation, John Breasly joined the WUTC as the Sea Lord. Breasly then hired a man named Valkith Bane (no relation to the Bane family), who had good ties to several freetraders and shipwrights. He was appointed head shipwright, and production slowly began.

While Breasly left the Caribbean for a while to travel back to Europe and meet some distant family, Bane moved the company to Turtling Bay, a small island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. There, they made bonds with another company, who was sponsored greatly by Britain: the Official British Trading Company. While the OBTC was focused primarily on trade, the WUTC had taken a liking to warfare, and were often being payed to complete caravan jobs, mercenary jobs, or otherwise destroying Spanish fleets. Any trade from the WUTC was between them and the OBTC.

When Breasly returned, he found himself overwhelmed by the enormous operation they had going on.