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West Indies Squadron
Red Ensign 1707.png
"Dum spiramus tuebimur"
Server: Blackbeard
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Roleplay
Timezone: Eastern-Central (GMT -6:00, -5:00)
Website: westindiessquadron.com
Forums: n.a.
Join: n.a.
Leaders: William Roberts Billy Bowsprit Abigail Bradford

Recruiting poster.PNG

By the King - P R O C L A M A T I O N,

For Suppreffing of Pirates.


Whereas complaints having been made to His Majefty, by great Numbers of Merchants, Mafters of Governours of His Majefty's Iflands and Plantations in the Weft-Indies, that the Pirates are grown fo numerous that they infeft not only the Seas near Jamaica, but even thofe of the Northern Continent of America; and that unlefs fome effectual Means be ufed, the whole Trade from Great Britain are in imminent Danger of being loft: His Majefty has been gracioufly pleafed, to order a proper Force to be employed for fuppreffing the faid Piracies; That being the West-Indies Squadron.