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Verenigde Caribische Compagnie
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Saevis tranquillus in undis
Server: Antigua
Nation: France
Orientation: Role-Playing (You are a Dutch captain)
Eco, PvP, PvE
Timezone: CET/CEST (GMT+1)
Website: http://www.purifierszone.nl/vcc/
Forums: VCC Forum
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Leaders: Faas Tandrot
Dektor de Graeff

The Verenigde Caribische Compagnie (Dutch for United Caribbean Company) or VCC is a Dutch speaking society sailing under the French flag.



  • Having fun together and supporting each other as Dutch/French players.
  • To play as Dutch people (names, flags, sails, colors, etc).
  • To support the French nation in warfare.
  • To setup production lines and a trade network.


Saevis tranquillus in undis
Dutch: "Rustig te midden van woeste golven"
English: "Calm amidst the rough waves"

This was also the motto of Willem van Oranje[1], an important man in Dutch History and the founder of the Royal House of the Netherlands[2].


The history of the VCC is only available in Dutch on their forum[3].


Because most of the members are in fact Dutch or Flemish it can hardly be considered Role-Playing to act Dutch. And there are no rules about remaining In Character. However the VCC strongly recommends its members to use Dutch sounding names for their characters and to use the VCC, or a Dutch looking, flag and sail.


The only requirement is that you can understand and speak Dutch. Dutch is the language used in Society chat.

Roughly translated their recruitment topic[4] spells:
"If you speak Dutch, if you are looking for a bunch of friendly people to play this game together with, if you want to help build a growing society and if you want to play as a Dutch Captain with Dutch colors as part of the French nation then Join us." Become a member