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True Grave
Jolly Roger.png
One true death
Server: Roberts
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PvP

Light RP

Timezone: Mix of GMT, EST, and PST
Website: http://www.rmcterminal.com
Forums: http://www.rmcterminal.com/datanode
Join: http://www.rmcterminal.com/datanode
Leaders: KCG Heat, Mathias Havocide, Rennat Shad

They are a new Society currently on the rise. They are a PvP and Light RP. But our main focus is FUN

To join this exciting Society, go to HERE and click on "Treasure Cove"

A big part of this Society is In-Game events. So if you want to have some fun, pary, help out people, and promote PotBS. This is the Society for you!

RMC: Terminal

They have their own radio station at: LISTEN If you've ever heard of the Radio station "RMC: Terminal" KCG and Havocide are their two best DJ's. They plan on doing many in-game events. So make sure you check back here for more info on their events.


None currently scheduled. Check back for more!

~KCG Heat