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The XIth Fleet
Jolly Roger.png
The Last Pirate Ye'll Ever See! Hail the Deadly Spartan!
Server: Antigua
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PvP, PvE and Economy
Timezone: GMT, EST, CST and PST
Website: http://www.xithfleet.com/
Forums: http://www.xithfleet.com/forums
Join: http://www.xithfleet.com/application.php
Leaders: David McKay (Da)

Hello my fellow Pirates! Yar! We've been around for over 12 years as an established clan on several platforms and games. Stemming from games such as Star Trek Armada 2, World of Warcraft and Star Wars Galaxies to games like Pirates of the Burning Sea, Command and Conquer 3 and even Call of Duty 4.

Our pirates division is tailored towards pillaging and dominating the Antigua server for the pirate faction. Our main drive and focus is to survive the perils of 18th century life and to continue to drive home the victory that we Pirates as a nation deserve! Let me be the first to welcome each and every one of you my brothers and sisters to visit our humble home (our main website above). Where I’d be happy to share some rum and a good story or two about my many adventures on the sea! We are always actively recruiting and are interested in new players, seasoned players and in fact every player that is interested in becoming one of the mighty Eleventh Pirates!

These be some dangerous times and The Eleventh Fleet is here to ensure that we as a race do not go extinct and that our very existence is not ended by a bunch of British, French or Spanish. We pirates must stick together and The Eleventh Fleet will be at the forefront of that great Pirate uprising! Yargh!!!!!


Captain David McKay

The XIth Fleet

Spartan Vanguard