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The Royal Musketeers
Île-de-France flag.png
"All For One And One For All"
Server: Antigua
Nation: France
  • PvP‎
  • PvE
  • Economy
Timezone: All Time Zones
Website: www.royalmusketeers.com
Forums: www.royalmusketeers.com
Join: Apply at Forums or In-game
Leaders: Noble D'Artagnan
Noble Athos
and a couple others.

The Royal Musketeers

Ventrilo Server: French Nation Vent

== TRM Info ==
The Royal Musketeers (here after referred to as TRM) are a French society who are originally from the Blackbeard server. TRM was founded by Maximus D'Meridius, Noble Aramis, Noble Athos, Noble D'Artagnan, and Noble Porthos based on the ideals set forth by Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers.

== Notable Society Members ===

Noble D'Artagnan
One of the founding members of TRM, and has been the one of the major leaders of the society since its founding, except for a short absence towards the end of 2008.

More to be added shortly.....