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The Queen's Own
Queen's Own copy.jpg
UK Flag.png
One Team -- One Mission
Server: Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
  1. Fun
  2. Mild PvP
  3. RVR
Timezone: EST-PST
Website: n.a.
Forums: n.a.
Join: Ask for Blur or someone from TQO
Leaders: Andre Black
Ruben Saltheart
Mad Blur
Jules Ritter

The Queen's Own

The Queen's Own was formed October 2008 to accomplish a variety of tasks. First and foremost, We want and intend to have fun. We have a vent server available and use is encouraged but not required. We dont have a polethera of rules or requirements. We just want honorable, mature actions and contribution to the society shipyard.

We have a semi closed economy in which we produce goods and sell a portion of our goods to the society at a cost, and the leftovers are fair game. We want to allow the most diverse and free gaming experience.

Queen own flag.png