PotBS Wiki
The Poison
Server: Roberts
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: PVE, PVP, Economy
Timezone: GMT +1, GMT -5
Website: N/A
Forums: N/A
Join: Tell In-game
Leaders: Freddy Heineken I, Freddy Heineken II, Karyn Haiven

The Poison was founded in late May of 2010 by Freddy Heineken I and is currently accepting members of all levels. To join, contact a society agent; Auréliano di Angelo, Dace Grano, John Avian, Morgan deGrey; or Freddy Heineken directly through in-game tell.

Economic Endeavors

Pirate Name Location Goods / Materials Raws Needed
Dace Grano Gibara, Antilles Oak Logs, Teak Logs N/A
Matthew Town, Antilles Lignum Vitae, Wood Products Fir Logs, Oak Logs, Teak Logs
Ruddy Cove, Antilles Ship Building/Outfitting, Textiles Shipwright Materials
John Avian Belle Isle, Louisiana Copper Ore, Sulfur N/A
Golden Lake, Mexico Brass Ingots, Iron Ingots,

Limestone, Munitions,

Provisions, Saltpeter

Copper Ore, Iron Ore,


New Orleans, Louisiana Fir Logs, Iron Ore N/A
Some locations only produce raw materials and not manufactured goods, these are listed "N/A" under

raws needed. Add your economic structure above or submit a listing to Dace Grano to have it added.