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We are the King's Rangers, we stand for honor, courage, and Great Britain.


The King's Rangers is a British society on the Antigua server dedicated to RP, RVR, and PVP. Our headquarters is currently the Frontier Room in Port Royal, Antillies, Antigua.

Ranger Hirarchy[]

Commandant of the Ranger Corps

Vice-Commandant of the Ranger Corps

Senior Ranger


Apprentice Ranger

Candidate (Rank while taking the test of the Corps before entering into the society)


The King's Rangers is very strict about it's membership and a test must be taken before one can become a member to ensure the candidate is loyal to the Corps and Great Britain, is willing to obey orders without hesitation or question, and has a good tactical mindset.



Any Level (You may become a candidate and Apprentice at any level but you must be level 50 and have a Ventrilo account to become a full Ranger)

Florentine Fighting Style

To become a candidate visit either our HQ, ask in nation, or talk to William Halt.