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The Highland Confederacy
French Flag.png
Server: Antigua (Bonny Refugees)
Nation: France
Orientation: Historical Roleplaying
Timezone: International
Website: http://highlandconfederacy.usersboard.com/index.htm
Forums: n.a.
Join: n.a.
Leaders: Deoiridh D'Alembert
Bognor Regis
Namo Larkin
Hew McDraig
Bishop McDermond
Lisette von Klein

Posted mysteriously in all ports...

The Highland Confederacy calls on every Scot, Irish, Welsh, even French Captain. The call of the West Indies is one of certain fortune and fame. The pretenders in England would claim it for their own. They would rule the world, for surely Scotland was not enough for them. They would see their will stamped on every decision of every nation, forcing obedience at their sword points.

Whereas the Treaty of Union is considered a false document to us, and whereas the French nation has given us aid in our bid for freedom, The Highland Confederacy seeks to find illusive freedom in the waters of the Caribbean. There we shall seek our fortune and when we can the downfall of our enemies and those of our host nation. The French have stood against English tyranny for decades and we will lend our strength to them. We will find no home in the Isles of our birth, though we will once again reclaim it. The Jacobite cause will not end with a lost battle.

Join us in seizing for ourselves, what others would steal from us. Economic might, fortune, fame, glory, freedom. Join us in destroying the power of our enemies to wage their war against us. Freetraders, privateer captains, stout men and women are welcome. Scotsmen, Irishmen, Welshmen, Frenchmen, Colonials. All who seek freedom are welcome.