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Victory or Death... I'll Take the Former
Server: Kidd
Nation: Spain
  • PvP
  • Economy
  • Victory Points
Timezone: PST
Website: In the Works
Forums: Also in the Works
Join: Invite Only, so no link here.
Leaders: Francisco Pizarro
Rosa Ortiz

Our Society

Starting with a group of friends in Northern California, we are looking to expand the power and economic might of Spain on the Kidd server.

To Have Fun

Our society is here first and foremost to have a good time and sink as many enemies as possible. We are targeting getting every member up to "Ship of the Line" status and are trying to set aside resources to achieve this goal.

How to join

To join this society, you need to be willing to have fun and dedicate some time to PvP and economic trade. If you see one of our leaders or a member in game, don't hesitate to ask them to join.