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St. George Squadron of the White
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Strength in Unity!
Server: Antigua
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: PVP, PVE, Economy, Role Play
Timezone: US and EU
Website: http://www.st-george-squadron.com
Forums: http://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/board/
Join: Contact a SGS member in game or check the recruitment page
Leaders: Lord Angus Beers; Dame Victoria Page; Sir Jack Redmen; Dame Ashleigh Bagster

The St. George Squadron of the White

Or SGS is one of the oldest PotBS guilds. Formed in 2004 when release was just a dream we've been playing PotBS and other games as a small but close knit team of friends from all over the world. We play during US and EU prime time on the Antigua server.

Visit our website at www.st-george-squadron.com for more details and information.


What is your play style

Casual and regular gamer, Missions, OS hunting and PVP. The squadron operates a free market economy where every member is free to run their own system. We encourage captains to use the Auction House as much as possible to maximize profits and minimize time spent trading goods. Action house buy orders also allows you to trade when offline so you aren't stood around waiting to collect materials from another player.

I hear you're a roleplay guild, do I have to talk in a silly voice?

No! We roleplay the British Navy of the 18th century which means uniform and character name regulations. We have also created a promotion and award system so your character can develop in the squadron. Of course if you want to roleplay more you are welcome. Many captains post in character battle reports and journal entries.

As a general rule we try to act in the style of a 18th century captain, our roleplay is in the background story and attitude, not in the way we talk

Worried that roleplay will get in the way of PVP or competitive play? It's been shown that roleplayers can be very effective PVP'ers in this and other games. Our rules have been designed to not interfere with PVP or PVE play.

Why SGS and not another Society?

There are many societies out there that cater to different play styles. If you're looking for hardcore play every day then we're not for you. But if you want a close, friendly society with the chance for character development and opportunities for PVP, PVE and crafting then we can offer you a varied and fun gaming experience.

We are a well established society and have been continually active since 2004, following the development of this game and playing others. We've had several international meet ups and a visit from Rusty to demo the pre-beta!

Want to know more?

Check out our websiteand/or our recruitment page. Applicants can play within the society straight away and gain full membership after a 14 day probation.

Alternatively if you have any questions check out our forums or mail one of our Recruitment Secretaries


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