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Southern X
UK Flag.png
Server: Morgan
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: Economy
Timezone: Australian (Eastern)
Website: n.a.
Forums: n.a.
Join: Contact a leader in game
Leaders: Anton Matrose

Yenivaz Ambrose

General Information

Southern X is an Australian based society founded by Anton Matrose & Yenivaz Ambrose on February 14th 2008.

Member List

There are a total of 3 members.


Anton Matrose

Yenivaz Ambrose


Desi Ambrose


Walter Matrose (Alt)


Southern X has no know alliances at this time.


OMG IM DRUNK[1] :made the list from picking on nubs


Flag Designer Voting Accepted Society Usage Description
SouthernX4.PNG Yenivaz Ambrose 24/02/2008 08/03/2008 Feb (08) - Current It has a Southern Cross with a character 'X' behind it. The 'X' is just to relate how the society name is shown. i.e. instead of 'Southern Cross' it's 'Southern X'.


No society sails have been designed or uploaded for approval as of yet. We are looking at doing this in the near future.

Trading Contracts

Southern X is pleased to offer Trading Contracts to individuals or society's that want a steady flow of materials or equipment. The prices will be very reasonable and in-between the average auction house price but slightly above cost price.

A table with prices and available materials/equipment will be posted in the near future.

Contact a leader in game if you wish to jump in early.

Special Notes

The official beer wench is Desi Ambrose.