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Société Royale de Valois
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Pour restaurer Capet et libérer les opprimés. (To restore Capet and free the oppressed.)
Server: Antigua
Nation: Pirates
Orientation: Roleplay (optional)


Timezone: Any
Website: n.a.
Forums: n.a.
Join: Contact leaders in-game
Leaders: Charles Valois

Orlaith Valois

Charles Valois, direct descendant of King Charles IX of France, formed Société Royale de Valois with the intent of restoring his bloodline to the French throne in the name of the Capetian dynasty. The Société believes King Henry III to have ascended illegitimately in 1574 rather than Charles IX's son, Charles de Valois, who instead became Duke of Angoulême. Charles and his wife Orlaith, an Irish woman, claim Charles de Valois should have been King Charles X, which would have, 200 years later, made Charles Valois into King Charles XII of France, rather than the pirate he became. The Société declared war upon the usurpers, the Bourbons of both France and Spain. Over the years, the Société has been joined by captains who questioned the French and Spanish crowns, later also taking up the cause of Irish and Scottish independence after seeing repeated abuses against Irish and Scottish people by the English. The Société will generally not attack the Dutch except as targets of opportunity.