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Royal New Holland Company[]

Background: Royal New Holland Company was founded on the 3rd of March, 2008, on the British side of the Australian Server, Invincible. The company's original goal was to produce ships, but since that time we have evolved to be the powerhouse Society of the British Nation, in both Economy and Warfare. Our shipwrights were the first to build British Second-rate ships, Producing a Triumphant and then a Trinity, before any other Society.

RNHC's Goals: Royal New Holland Company's goals lie in the ship production and military expansion aspect of PotBS. While we are famous for our strong in-house economy, our members are also prolific PVPers and Port Battlers. We aim to build even bigger and better ships for our members, as well as contribute to a British Server Win.

New Members: We are looking for mature, team orientated people who are willing to contribute to the society . Interests in economy is a plus but not essential, as we do have a large military arm. However, as we are a society focused on solid expansion, we will mostly likely ask you to help our economy in some capacity, either through your economic factories, or by other means. We're not interested in leechers, or one-man-shows. All members must use Ventrillo, although a microphone is not essential.

Features RNHC members enjoy: A friendly and close knit community of sailors. Financial and material support if needed. Full members also get access to the best ships we can produce, if they demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the betterment of the society. Outfittings and ammo supply system. Opportunity to (if desired) take on leadership roles.

Joining the Company: To join up with RNHC, please visit our website, read our charter and register as a new user. Our website is here: RNHC