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Royal Free Company
RFC Flag Small.png
"Don't ask for credit, as broadsides often offend."
Server: Roberts
Nation: Great Britain
Orientation: PvP/PvE (Roleplayer Friendly)
Timezone: Majority GMT/BST (UK time)
Website: RFC Website
Forums: RFC Forums
Join: Invite Only
Leaders: Henry Simmerson
Patience Nayl

Royal Free Company form the PotBS arm of the Wolverines online gaming guild. The Wolverines are a group of friends who either know each other in real life, or have been gaming together for years, or both. As a result, the atmosphere within our society or guild in whatever game we are playing is friendly and mature. To this end, we maintain an invite only recruitment policy.

If you wish to join RFC, get to know us in game; you may be offered an invite if you prove to be the sort of person we would welcome in the society. As a rule of thumb, "i wanna join ur soc can i plz m8" style contact is likely to result in refusal.

As stated, we are primarily a UK based society, however we have a number of members from elsewhere in Europe, and the USA, so thanks to the magic of timezones we can also maintain a smaller presence when all decent, honest people should be asleep.

If you intend to join RFC, it is worth bearing in mind that we make heavy use of the Ventrilo voice comms client, and we recommend you purchase or obtain the necessary equipment to do likewise. It could seem a little quiet in Soc channel otherwise.

A Note for Roleplayers
Whilst not strictly speaking a roleplay oriented society, a large number of Wolverines/RFC members are (or have been) tabletop or live roleplayers. As such, the concept of roleplay is not alien to us, and we know how much fun it can be. We operate a "Roleplay Friendly" policy within RFC; that is to say, if you contact us "In Character", we will endeavour to respond "In Character". Please note, however, most of us do not have (nor do we have the intention of making) full character histories or fully "fleshed out" characters. If you are looking for deep interpersonal roleplay, we probably aren't ideal candidates.